Rolls-Royce adds Black Badge Low Mode

Rolls-Royce has long focused its driving experience on a characteristic designed to make the vehicle feel like it has one endless gear for smooth and comfortable acceleration. However, the luxury automaker says that there are occasions when the driver needs a different profile in response to the terrain and other conditions. Rolls-Royce has engineered a new “Low Mode” specifically for those situations.

When Rolls-Royce owners press a button located on the inside of the gear lever, the transmission will shift gears up to 25 percent faster. The result is more immediate acceleration and amplified engine braking effects. Pressing the button increases the RPMs in lower gears when faced with the gradients to give a sense of control over the car’s speed. Rolls-Royce says it is particularly useful during descents.

The feature is seemingly available on Black Badge versions of Rolls-Royce vehicles. The automaker says when the Low Button is pressed, the full potential of Black Badge is “unleashed” to give the vehicle or character. Pressing the button also holds gears longer when accelerating, and when braking, downshifts are made faster, so the full power of the Black Badge V12 is available.

Rolls-Royce says that when Low Mode is engaged when the throttle is pressed to 90 percent, gearshift speeds are increased by 50 percent to deliver the power with more immediacy. To help improve the character of Black Badge vehicles even further, Rolls-Royce has announced the ability to have exhaust flaps remain open in park and neutral when Low Mode is selected.

Rolls says that feature allows owners to showcase the “aural character” of the car with “enthusiastic depression of the throttle pedal.” Basically, it lets more sound come out of the exhaust pipes when a Rolls-Royce owner feels like sitting in a parking lot and revving the engine.