Rolls-Royce’s Drive Coffee: best kept secret is no longer under the hood

I’m just casually dropping the fact I got to hang at an exclusive Rolls-Royce event during this year’s 2019 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. The party was by invitation only and held at the Rolls-Royce estate … I repeat, estate: not at a temporary pop-up tent, but at the brick and mortar RR mini mansion. It was there in the well-manicured garden of the property that I had my first taste of Drive Coffee by Rolls-Royce – overlooking the Monterey Peninsula coast and beautiful blue Pacific Ocean. In short, the space was phenomenal and so was the spot of coffee.

A sight for any eyes, let alone sore ones, a glance around revealed hostesses in long white gowns with diamond necklaces adorning necklines, celebrities, and the new 2019 beach-friendly Pastel Collection of Rolls-Royce parked on the lawn. It was an elegant and festive scene. Tables were set up at various points offering the finest Champaign and other drinks. And nice wool scarves were being handed out to keep the windy chill at bay.

I was about to take a glass of Champaign when I reconsidered the choice to do so; I thought it wise to maintain a modicum of décor given the fact I was about to attend a round table meeting with Rolls-Royces Chief Executive Officer, Torsten Müller-Ötvös.

Not that there would have been anything wrong with imbibing a little effervescence, after all, the ethos at Rolls-Royce is about enjoying the finest things in life. But don’t mutter under your breath “ahh, she’s no fun” just yet. Because I will share with you that I’m happy with my decision to have changed my drink course direction, and tack for the coffee table instead. That’s when I discovered Drive Coffee by Rolls-Royce.

A cup of coffee that is quality and luxury performance

It wasn’t until after I steered my body towards the coffee corner with an engine block-like matte black La Marzocco espresso machine sitting upon it, that I discovered Drive Coffee by Rolls Royce. The Matte black of the Marzocco roaster echoed the matte black Phantom sitting nearby and about to be delivered to a lucky Rolls Royce customer. Drive Coffee by Rolls-Royce is packaged in a very handsome container reminiscent of an oil tin. So much so, that I imagined popping the hood of the Phantom, remove the dipstick and pour coffee beans into the engine instead of oil.

Maybe that already exists (if it does, excuse my ignorance). But in the meantime I’ll be waiting for a Rolls-Royce customer to order a bespoke vehicle with a La Marzocco incorporated into the design. It’s brilliant idea for a car company to have their own brand of coffee, since coffee and driving are two traditions that go hand in hand in a serious way.

The first sip of Drive Coffee left a lasting impression

After eagerly awaiting the attendant to prepare my cappuccino, I was handed the cup and took the first sip which left an impression of a nice tone with medium earthy flavors and a balanced roast. The beans prepared were the Drive Coffee ‘Cullinan’ Special Edition – single origin and medium roast from Ethiopia. Whenever possible, my preference is always to eat and drink from a single origin source; single origin is very special and the best way to taste the ‘terroir’ of a particular location.

Rolls-Royce believes in ultimate luxury and craftsmanship and Drive Coffee is no exception. Drive Coffee is inspired by the quality and performance the Rolls-Royce brand is known for – Drive Coffee to meant to match that high level experience.

Drive Coffee selections are available from around the world and at different roast levels. There’s even a ‘Petrolicious Coffee club’ you can join to receive an assortment of car and race-inspired coffee beans on a monthly basis. Gift cards are available too which would make a pretty cool and unique gift to give.