Scosche launches MagSafe compatible portable Bluetooth speakers and more

Accessories-maker Scosche has approached CES with an Apple-friendly intention. It has unveiled new MagSafe compatible accessories which includes a very exciting portable speaker. Yes, Scosche has made it MagSafe compatible and it can stick to the back of the iPhone to boost iPhone’s sound when you want to make a statement.

In addition to the Bluetooth speaker, Scosche has also introduced a few other products including a $64.99 MagicMount Pro Charge5 wireless charger. This accessory comes with a 360-degree adjustable head and can juice up your MagSafe compatible iPhone with 7.5W wireless charging.

The portable Bluetooth speaker

The highlight for us however is the $40 BoomCanMS portable Bluetooth speaker that adheres to the back of iPhone 12 or 13 series models. Though MagSafe compatibility will not add any benefit to the sound quality, will allow the phone to double up the sound and manage things handsfree.

It sticks to the back of the MagSafe enabled iPhones which doubles it up as a kickstand. Scosche says, you can pair a couple of these speakers to create a stereo sound experience.

Other details

The BoomCanMS portable Bluetooth speaker comes with five hours of playback time and is IPX7 rated for water a dust-proofing. Interestingly, even though the speaker is tailored for MagSafe compatible iPhone models, it can even work with the earlier iPhones using MagicPlate magnet.

Along with the BoomCanMS, Scosche also has a BoomBottle Magnetic Portable speaker on the list. This $130 speaker, shaped like a bottle with a built-in bottle opener, stands upright, allowing the iPhone to be attached to the top leaving the body free to deliver clear sound. Both the speakers are expected to be available to purchase later in the year.