Sedus se:cube office pod brings social distancing into the office

Putting behind the challenges that 2020 has brought onto us in the form of the pandemic, in 2021 a lot many people are looking forward to getting back to work in offices and bringing life back to normalcy. This of course depends on which side of the globe you reside. In countries like India where malls, restaurants, hotels are slowly opening up; offices are next in line.

Tired of working from home, and if you are one of those being summoned to office next year, you may want to ask your HR to invest in some good quality office pods. Although designed in 2018, Sedus’ se:cube office pod is quite relevant to the open plans that most modern offices follow today.

Isolating in a Crowd

Let me give you a relevant example. One of the world’s biggest advertising agency – Ogilvy – recently moved their offices in Mumbai, from cabins and stuffy rooms to an open-space plan that made it easy for the servicing teams and planning teams to integrate with the creative teams.

While in October-November 2020 when they moved, it seemed to be the ideal solution to make top management accessible to all the teams, but now when everyone returns to office in a staggered manner, the layout could pose a problem.

In offices like this, the se:cube office pod can be an elegant solution. Originally designed to offer a retreat or a safe haven in an open-planned office, today it serves as an isolation zone where you can work peacefully without having to worry about social distancing. You can even consider it to be a “new dimension in agile working.”

Flexible room-in-room modules that are closed

Available in three sizes, ideally you want to use se:cube for telephone calls, concentrated work or video calls and small meetings. Easy to assemble, the modular configuration of the setup is quick to assemble as well as deconstruct and move.

se:cube helps in creating a new space, within the confines of the original office plan. In its largest avatar, se:cube is capable of seating eight people, but I would urge you not to do that. The acoustics and atmosphere are the perfect mix that a weary WFH soul requires. The cabin blocks out outside noises and offers a noise-free environment. Use the four falls to increase your productivity and eliminate distractions.

Another advantage of the se:cube is that it allows you to be a part of the office environment without making you feel left out. The transparent doors give you a feeling of being a part of the office landscape. To ensure that the cube doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb, Sedus has used premium materials, bright designs and large glass surfaces to blend into the office space. Head to Sedus to know more about this award-winning office space.