Segway Mecha Kit transforms your self-balancing scooter into bullet shooting turret

Commuters using a Segway for short commutes now have an official way to transform their self-balancing scooter into a joyful vehicle, they can sit on and shoot water pallets at friends and passersby (with caution). 

For this, Segway is now selling a Mecha Kit that can be purchased separate from the Ninebot models. Combining the self-balancing scooter with Mecha Kit you get into the shooting battle right away.

The kit

The Segway Mecha is compatible with Ninebot S, S Kids and S-Pro models turning them into an electric turret for the thrill-seekers who can drift around and shoot bullets. With a payload capacity of 220lbs, this fun mobility device lets you go forward, drift around and take aim, hitting your target with gel bullets.

The kit is compatible with Segway-Ninebot app, which can be used as a smart remote to control the mech or the onboard joystick can be used to maneuver the bad guy. It features RGB ambient lights under the body for a personalized ride and the front shooting laser light that can be customized as well to illuminate the bullet trajectory before having a go.

Other details

Interestingly, Segway notes, the bullets that are supplied with the Mecha Kit don’t leave behind any trace to pollute the environment. These are basically water pellets that evaporate naturally. About 60,000 of these eco-friendly bullets are reportedly supplied with each kit, but there is no word on how to get a refill.

The built-in music system on the contraption adds to the light display and lets you have your own peppy music going while you use the sensor-enabled joystick to wreak havoc in the opponent’s camp. So, are you ready for a mecha-style battle with your Segway riding friends and family members?