Sepura Home Is Here to Revolutionize Home Composting

Today we see a lot of people becoming more aware about leaving smaller carbon footprints. Everything from electric cars, to greener public transport, to recycling plans, aim to help achieve this goal. One simple thing that is picking up traction, that everyone can do sitting at home, is composting.

Unfortunately, composting is often a chore, and can be super messy and smelly. That’s what primarily turns people away from following through with little home projects they start. The Sepura Home Food Waste Device plans to revolutionize home composting, by doing all the work itself.

Easy to Install. Requires Very Little Infrastructure

This neat little device fits right under your kitchen sink and taps into your existing piping network. It does an excellent job at separating food waste from liquids and keeps all solids out of the drainage system.

The Sepura Home comes as three parts: a separating component, installation accessories, and a collection center. Additionally, the device also has attachments to help collect food waste from the dishwasher as well.

An Extremely Efficient Device

The Sepura Home is extremely energy efficient and uses only 60W when running (that is how much incandescent bulbs are rated for). The device also requires no external water supply to operate, making it one of the greenest kitchen appliances out there.

Unlike most conventional garbage disposal systems, the Sepura Home is rather quiet (you’d hardly notice it is on) and can process almost any disposable item (bones and pits included). What’s more is that the device is completely self-cleaning. The Sepura Home clearly is here to make a mark and is available to pre-order at $380.