Five home brewing kits for craft beer lovers

When you can brew your own beer at home, you don’t have to visit a store or go to the pub every time you want to have a beer. Thanks to an array of home brewing kits, brewing and fermenting beers has become relatively easy for beginners and professionals alike.

Featuring all the requisite tools and ingredients, beer brewing kits make it quite easy for you to make your own beer. With a little persistence and effort, you can brew your favorite flavors at home. And as far as equipment goes, you don’t have to own a fancy machine. Simple and effortless to operate, here are the five best home brewing kits for craft beer lovers.

Mr. Beer Golden Ale Craft Beer Kit

This kit comes with two beer refills, a two-gallon fermenter, including bottles, carbonation drops, sanitizer, and more. Mr. Beer kit is perfect for someone who wants to experience the process of home brewing but doesn’t want to invest much time and energy in the intricacies of the process. This kit has a simple brewing process, which is easy to learn and operate.

Northern Brewer Beer Making Kit

This is ideal for creating your own transitory home brewery. The Northern Brewer Beer Making Kit features a 5-gallon kettle and stirring spoon, a wort chiller, faucet adapter, 8-gallon megapot, 6.5-gallon plastic fermenter, bottle filler and tubing, bottle capper, and more. With fancy upgrades, this kit can give you the best of the ales. To summarize, it combines hundreds of dollars worth of brewing equipment at a reasonable price point.

Brooklyn Brew Shop’s Beer Making Kit

This kit is designed for those who are interested in brewing but do not want to commit to a full-fledged process. It features a 1-gallon reusable glass fermenter, glass spirit-filled thermometer, vinyl tubing, racking cane and tip, chambered airlock, and much more. It is equipped with everything that is required to make each flavor, including grains, hops, and yeast.  

Mr. Beer Classic American Light Beer Starter Kit

Another option from Mr. Beer, this kit is suitable for new and time-crunched brewers, as it takes merely 30 minutes to set-up before it starts the brewing process. It features a fermenter modeled after expert brewing equipment, along with a can of concentrated malted barley and hops, a no-rinse cleanser, and a packet of carbonation drops. One can easily brew beer at home with this kit by simply following the instructions.

BrewDemon Craft Beer Brewing Kit

Despite an ultra-compact footprint, this little fermenter can make about 2 gallons of beer. This small kit features all the basic brewing requisites along with a set of 8 logged PET bottles, caps, an 18-inches heat-resistant plastic mixing spoon, and a professional bottle filler system. Moreover, the ale recipes in this kit can brew you many delectable flavors.