Sexy Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo hits the road for a final shakedown

Porsche has done very well with this electric vehicle called the Taycan that’s available in a couple of different models. What all those models have in common is a similar body style, but that will soon change with the addition of a new model. The new model is called the Taycan Cross Turismo, and it turns the Taycan into a shooting brake style car, more commonly known as a wagon in the States.

Porsche says that the Taycan Cross Turismo recently took to the streets for its final shakedown runs as the car prepares to enter production. The vehicle was tested on empty rural roads east of Weissach, with the head of the Taycan model line, Stefan Weckbach handling some of the testing duties.

Weckbach says that with the Taycan Cross Turismo, Porsche wanted to offer more space, a little more flexibility, and more versatility. The vehicle features a completely new roofline fitted with roof rails, more generous second row of seats, and a larger trunk. Porsche says the changes make the car ideal for people with an active lifestyle in urban or rural environments.

The car has increased ground clearance compared to regular Taycan models. The intent of that extra ground clearance is to allow it to handle light off-road travel and gravel roads. The suspension has also been optimized, and Porsche offers it with a cross utility vehicle specific driving mode.

Porsche stopped short of saying exactly when the Taycan Cross Turismo will debut and how much it will cost. The regular Taycan model delivered 20,000 units globally in its first year of full production. The Taycan Cross Turismo version should help increase sales.