Sleek and stylish flasks for discreet drinking pleasure

Regardless of your drinking preference, a good flask allows you to enjoy a drink in inconspicuous style. You can take a flask anywhere with you since it’s space-savvy and makes sipping on the whiskey or any other spirit more discreet than a regular bottle or cup. Flasks also make a great gift for friends and heirlooms to pass down in the family.

There are plenty of variants of flasks, ranging from stainless steel and glass to alloy iterations. If you are thinking of buying a flask for yourself, you must browse for the best. Here are five sleek flasks for you to drink in style.

Stanley Classic Flask

Considered the best flask overall, it is an affordable 8-ounce container with a contoured back and hinge-connected cap. Stanley Classic Flask is a perfect pick for the person who’s always on the move. Made from BPA-free stainless steel, this flask is lightweight, rugged and rust-proof, making it versatile for all occasions from camping in the woods to social events. Its wide mouth makes filling, pouring, and cleaning easy.

Barbour Hip Flask

This Barbour Hip Flask is an ideal gift for your friends. Its traditionally Scottish tartan wrap with a leather-trimmed design ensures a good grip on the vessel. With a 6-ounce capacity, you can carry this flask to your outdoor activities, while its hinged arm stops the cap from falling off or getting lost. The tartan gives it a vintage, heritage-inspired look that is sure to add to your personality.

Rabbit RBT Flask

This beautiful flask is one of the smoothest ways to store and carry liquor. A subtle cap masks the typical shape of the vessel and pops off to reveal a smart model. It sophisticated, matte black silicone exterior with delicate gold accents gives it an art deco vibe. Made with high-quality stainless steel, the flask features a capacity of 6.5 ounces and a leak-free lid that opens and closes with ease.

Savage Stainless Steel Flask

While there are plenty of materials to choose from, there is none that can rival the simplistic sophistication and durability of a stainless steel flask. Savage’s glossy flask features a plain mirror-finished body with a 6.7 ounce capacity. The flask has Savage logo on the bottom corner. It is a nice companion for weddings, parties and outdoor activities and makes a wonderful gift.

Viski Summit Flask

With a 6 ounce capacity, this metallic flask is quite stylish with a screw cap. It is clad in polished copper-plated stainless steel on the outside, with an electroplated finish to avert any metallic flavors from seeping in your drink. It is compact enough to fit in a coat breast pocket or denim pocket. This vessel requires to be cleaned by hand and needs a good polish every six months to keep its lustrous appearance.

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