“Space Jam: A New Legacy Collection” ready from Nike, Converse

You are that old when a movie from your childhood gets a remake. One title that is really making me feel old now is ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy film’. Twenty-five years later after ‘Space Jam’ that starred Michael Jordan was released, a new version will be shown that now stars LeBron James. 

The movie will be officially released on July 16, 2021. Combine NBA and Hollywood and you can expect lots of new merchandise that will really sell. Nike and Converse are taking advantage of the time by each launching a “Space Jam: A New Legacy Collection”.

Space Jam: A New Legacy Nike Collection  

Space Jam A New Legacy Nike Collection

Let’s start with Nike. The top sports brand that has been a long-time partner of Michael Jordan, the star of the original Space Jam movie, naturally delivers a new collection. It’s expected to have teamed up with Warner Bros. 

The collection includes a varsity jacket and LeBron-branded Dri-FIT uniforms that feature the Tune Squad and Goon Squad. The main focus of the collection is the footwear selection that includes the LeBron 18 Low with Bugs vs. Marvin the Martian, Road Runner vs. Wile. E. Coyote, or Tweety Bird vs. Sylvester in iconic faceoffs. There is also a Nike Air Force 1 featuring different characters. Another Lebron 18 Bugs is also part of the collection. 

Nike Space Jam A New Legacy Nike Collection 2

Nike is also throwing in the new  LeBron 19 which will also be appearing in the movie. The pair features a new Zoom Air forefoot uni plus a double-chambered Air Max unit within the heel. The design was a result of one goal: to provide LeBron a new feeling that is like  otherworldly or in space-age kind of way. 

Pricing is set from anything between  $85 to $200 for the shoes and  between $90 to $200 for the Nike Space Jam apparel. 

Space Jam: A New Legacy Converse Collection

Space Jam A New Legacy Converse Collection

Converse joins in the fun by launching Looney Tunes footwear. There is the  all-white Lola Bunny Pro Leather  and a classic pair of Chucks with a Tune Squad design.  

Some apparel pieces are ready as well with prices ranging from  $50 to $95. The shoes start from $70 to $120.