Specialized Turbo Como SL lightweight urban e-bike is for every occasion

The pandemic has pushed most of us into a low physical activity regime thus every change that comes our way to flex the muscles is more than welcome. A logical reason for the surge in popularity of e-bikes, and in particular ones by Specialized.

They’ve released their latest e-bike for urban roads for every kind of rider – be it for riding to work or simply heading down the grocery store. Dubbed the Turbo Como SL, the bike is an ultra-light version of the Turbo Como city rider.  

Pedal-powered bikes need not be boring

The Turbo Como SL bike boasts an aluminum frame along with lightweight aesthetics evident in the handlebar, seat post and the fork. This keeps the overall weight down to just 48.5lb on the higher side depending on the modifications you choose.

To pep up things, the ride comes assisted with a 240W lightweight motor for ascending sections of the road. The system provides a smooth input of power for a speed assist of up to 28mph – sans any abrupt kick-ins or unexpected cutoffs. The 320Wh battery integrated into the frame gives around 62 miles of assistance (in Eco mode) on a single charge.  The range can however be extended with the range extender as an optional accessory.

All-weather ride for urban commuters

Specialized Turbo Como SL bike is ideal for riding in any weather conditions thanks to Shimano internal gear hub, Drytech fenders (to deflect mud), and Nimbus tires paired with powerful brakes for slippery conditions. It is ideal for urban settings as it comes with an integrated basket on the front for carrying 33lbs of groceries and one in the rear for another 44lbs.  

To keep things as planned en route to your destination, the bike can be paired with a custom app for route planning, diagnostic regimens or to keep a tab of the ride info. Turbo Como SL is available as Turbo Como SL 5.0 having an 8-speed gear hub or the SL 4.0 version with a 5-speed gear setup. They are priced at $4,800 and $4,000 respectively.