Star Wars x Adidas Samba Sarlacc Pit designed for Boba Fett fans

Sneakerheads who are Star Wars nerds will definitely love this new pair from Adidas. It’s not exactly the most popular character from the movie franchise but the armoured bounty hunter definitely has a following. 

Enter the new Star Wars x Adidas collaboration. We have the Adidas Samba designed after the Sarlacc Pit where Boba Fett escaped. The colors are mainly based on that scene in the movie Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi. 

Star Wars x Adidas Collaboration 

Star Wars x adidas Samba Sarlacc Pit Boba Fett Where to Buy

The Star Wars x adidas Samba “Sarlacc Pit” is an ode to Boba Fett and his miraculous escape. It remains a mystery but Adidas wants to bank on it. The sports brand has designed the uppers with soft suede in beige hue. 

The desert-themed sneakers include dark brown Stripes on the side. The name BOBA FETT is spelled out on the lateral.  

Star Wars x adidas Samba Sarlacc Pit Design 

Star Wars x adidas Samba Sarlacc Pit Boba Fett Sneakers

The Star Wars logos can be found on the tongues. The beige shoelaces match the color of the main upper. You can see some tooth-like spikes on the heels, as well as, brown tentacles.  

Price of the Star Wars x adidas Samba Sarlacc Pit is still unknown. Official release date may be announced soon by Adidas together with the pricing.