Stealth Smart Backpacks feature AI cameras for constant safety

Associating safety to a backpack can sound strange to some but not to others who are aware of smart bags – a breed of luggage that comes with built-in trackers and cameras. Case in point, Stealth smart bags – a premium accessory range for commuters who seek a way to remain safe on city streets and not so comfortable locations.

Stealth smart bags are equipped with built-in artificial intelligence (AI) cameras that work constantly to monitor your back and alert of any supposed danger. The camera streams live and the recording can be seen on the smartphone running a dedicated app.

Get notified when attacked

These bags are made from carbon fiber and feature built-in AI camera with LED lights for nighttime recording assistance. The bag are available in a range of sizes with the largest one touting 40L capacity and 25 pockets for smallest of details.

The AI camera built-into the backpack sends out alerts to your friends and family members connected by the app. The bags can be used to alert authorized users when you are attacked or in danger to let them know that you require help. There is also an anti-theft alarm, which alerts you of theft. 

Stealth smart bag collection

The Stealth smart bag collection comprises five different styles – 40-liter backpack, 25-liter backpack, nine-liter sling bag, 60-liter duffel bag, and a toiletry bag. Each of them features a waterproof zipper and opens up to full 180-degrees to let you pack and unpack effortlessly.

The bags include a Wi-Fi module that lets you access it anywhere with an internet connection. The largest of these bags packs inside a 10,000mAh power bank, which can let you charge your mobile devices on the go.