Swanky Caviar Golden Rock PlayStation 5 is covered in gold

We’ve all heard the adage, “more money than they know what to do with.” If that description fits you and you’re desperate for a PlayStation 5, Caviar has the console for you. It’s called Golden Rock, and it starts as a normal PlayStation 5.

After the jewelers at Caviar get their hands on it, it’s very far from normal. The game console is assembled using eight sheets cast in solid gold. About 20 kilograms of gold is used to create the game console.

Jewelers used a faceted design for the gold that looks very cool and adds volume and texture to the game system. The name “Golden Rock” comes from the metal used and the fact that the design looks very much like rock. Caviar plans to make only one Golden Rock console for the entire world.

If you are wondering how much the console costs, that is a mystery. There is a request price button on the official Golden Rock page along with a link allowing users to design their own custom PlayStation 5. Keep in mind that the going price for 20 kilograms of gold right now is somewhere around $57,000, and you can begin to get an idea of how expensive this game console will be.

We wouldn’t be surprised if this fancy PlayStation 5 sells for well into the six-figure range. The PS5 is very difficult to find right now, and we also can’t help but wonder if Caviar had to pay well over MSRP from a scalper to get their hands on one for customization. While only one Golden Rock will be made, those wanting a different design can commission their own.