The Best Aftershaves for Men – Here are our picks

In ye old days, there was nothing to shaving but taking a razor and deftly getting rid of as much facial hair as possible. Ye old days have been left in the dust, though, of new and upcoming shaving creams, gels and aftershaves that have given the quintessential shaving routine a modern upgrade.

The process of shaving involves removing the first few layers of skin, and the frequent use of razors can cause abrasions and irritations. This is where a good aftershave steps in– it calms and repairs your face right after shaving, leaving your skin fresh, rehydrated and closed to dirt or grime for the most part.

However, the quest for the right aftershave is so much more advanced than just picking out what looks good and rolling with it. Thanks to the variety of skin types, shaving techniques, formulas and fragrances running rampant, suffice to say that the average shaver, with nary an inkling of what goes on beyond the razor and shaving foam, will be overwhelmed.

Types of Aftershaves

The common types of aftershaves on the market today are:

Balms: Hydrating lotions that are usually alcohol-free and hydrate the skin effectively.

Lotions: Creamy liquids that tend to have a stronger scent and can be used as a skin toner or moisturizer.

Splashes: Alcohol-based antiseptics that soothe cuts and tighten the skin.

Gels: Quick-absorbing liquids that have a cooling effect and counteract razor burns.

Top 6 Aftershaves in 2019

This guide puts down the best aftershaves for men in the market today while keeping in mind innovation, popularity and generally positive feedback from users of the product. Read on to find the best aftershave for your rugged or smooth-shaven composure:

Old Spice Classic

Aftershaves have come and gone, but Old Spice continues to stand the test of time, and how. Old Spice is one of America’s most popular brands, and their aftershave is ideal for those who don’t want to be stuck making a choice but still want to reap the benefits of smelling good and having skin that’s even better.

The aftershave pacifies the skin immediately after shaving and replenishes any moisture loss. It also leaves behind the iconic musky fragrance that has come to define the brand. It’s also one of the more affordable options out there– perfect for the ones who are just experimenting with aftershave before graduating to a more expensive one.

Jack Black Post Shave Cooling Gel

As an alcohol-free soothing lotion, it’s easy to see why this cooling gel aftershave ranks highly among regular shavers. It effectively battles razor burn and redness without being accompanied by the uncomfortable sting of alcohol on abraded skin.

The cooling effect closes off pores, meaning you’re more unlikely to develop blocked pores or pimples. With aloe extract, chamomile and witch hazel treating the irritated skin, this cooling gel is a definite step-up from wash-and-go endings to shaving routines.

D.R. Harris’ Arlington Aftershave Milk

Far from the astringent-like aftershaves available in the market, this milky-textured lotion packs a pleasant fresh aroma along with a mild antiseptic to soothe cuts, bumps and irritated skin. It’s ideal for normal to dry skin as it contains plenty of moisturizing properties.

It contains no alcohol which means that, once again, shavers don’t have to suffer through the sometimes-agonizing burn that some aftershaves deliver post-shave. The milk doubles up as a skincare step if you’re looking to go down that route to supplement your skin!

Aesop Moroccan Neroli Post-Shave Lotion

One of the more lightweight options out there, the Aesop post-shave lotion is ideal for those with normal to combination skin. It soothes any irritation after a shave and the formula is such that it’s easily soaked into the skin without feeling heavy, creamy or capable of some serious pore-clogging.

Its anti-inflammatory properties make it a go-to for red or abraded skin after a shave, while its hydrating nature works magic on normal skin types. The scent of sandalwood and neroli blossom is an added benefit that seals the deal.

Nivea Post-Shave Balm

Quite the household name today, Nivea’s Post-Shave Balm is a staple for many thanks to its affordability and accessibility. This balm pulls double duty as an after-shave balm and a moisturizer, whittling down your skincare routine by a step.

It’s got a cooling sensation that leaves you feeling refreshed, while the fragrance is one that works well with your natural body musk without overwhelming everyone within a 5-feet radius. They’ve also got a variant for sensitive skin if you feel the need to invest in that– that said, the regular post-shave balm is quite moisturizing on its own.

Harry’s Post-Shave Balm

One of the best budget brands in the U.S. market, Harry’s comes highly recommended for those looking for affordable, everyday after-shave options. Their post-shave balm has aloe vera and cucumber extract to soothe any inflammation, cool the skin and soothe it in the long run.

The formula is quick-drying, which means you don’t have to wait too long for the product to soak in– but this could also mean that, for skin on the drier side, supplementing with a moisturizer is a good bet.

How to Apply Aftershave

An effective post-shave routine doesn’t end at getting a great product, slapping it on and calling it a day. There are steps to applying aftershave that result in you getting the full worth of the product while also livening up your skin in the long run.

After shaving, pat your skin down with cold water to close off pores and begin the cooling process. Put some aftershave product into the palm of your hand and rub your hands together to spread it out evenly. Transfer this onto your face in upward circular motions, taking care to reach crevices near the jawline and the length of your neck. Allow the after-shave to soak for a few minutes before proceeding to put on moisturizer or other products.

A good after-shave balm, gel, lotion or splash can do wonders for the skin after a shave and carries on over time to maintain skin that’s free of razor burn, itchiness or unsightly bumps! For more tips on Grooming Tips for Men, hit here.