Tetra Soap wants to invade your bath, replace bar-shaped slippery soaps for good

When was the last time you were in the shower applying soap and swash it went slipping out of your hand? It just happened to me this morning. It’s not dangerous when soap slides out of the palm but oils it leaves on the floor where it drops can become dangerous – you can slip on it.

A regular soap bar is easy to apply on the body but its design and oil base construction doesn’t guard against accidental slips especially when the soap’s been under water for a while. Tetra Soap gives this design a new makeover, which brags to remain in grasp until the very last day.

Revolution design soap

Subtly scented with unisex fragrance, Tetra Soap creates a creamy lather for deep moisturizing. But every other soap does that, what makes Tetra special? Unlike other soaps, Tetra is cold processed using virgin olive oil and organic citrus bioflavonoids, which allow the soap to penetrate deeper into the skin.

Further, this antioxidant-enabled soap, free of any harmful chemicals and artificial flavors, has a unique tetrapod shape that makes it 100 percent slip-free. The design gives it a firm grip so that the soap doesn’t slip out of the hand like the bar-shaped alternatives we have been using every day.

Cake in the form of a tetrapod

The unique tetrapod shape and all is good. But you could argue that liquid soaps are not slippery either – so why the tetrapod? Well, liquid soaps come in plastic bottles and you know where plastic lands eventually. Tetra Soap however is handmade in natural materials and shipped in eco packaging.

It is available in two options – Concrete Grey that combines myrrh, sandalwood and tea tree essential oil and Limestone Green that features frankincense with pelargonium, Litsea Cubeb and rosemary oil. A single pack of Terta Soap is available for $20 with a felt soap coaster.