The Five Best Burgers in America

Burger is one of most consumed comfort food in America – While we are used to the “fast food” burgers, most of us crave for the best of it. Here are the list of the best burgers in America.

Hopdoddy Burger Bar

One of the most popular burger joint’s in Austin Texas, the Hopdoddy Burger Bar will have you waiting outside due to its popularity- and many will say “it’s well worth it”. While going down the line you will be able to witness the fresh, soft, buttery buns. The buns combined with the juicy meat patties will cause an explosion of delicious flavors. In addition to the wonderful burgers, the most popular side is the famous truffle fries which is a requirement when trying out this irresistible burger joint!

The Company Burger

With many awards as the best burger in New Orleans, The Company Burger is a must-go. The burgers, sides, shakes, and cocktails are produced with the highest of qualities. The meat is perfectly spiced, giving it its lovable flavor. The sweet buns fit perfectly with the beef. Combine the two with the crispy bacon, melting and oozing cheese, the fresh vegetables, and the mayonnaise infused garlic chipotle sauce and you will feel like you took a bite out of Heaven.

Worthy Burger

With an amazing craft beer from the finest of breweries and hand-crafted burgers, Worthy Burger in South Royalton is the perfect spot for an evening out. As one of the best restaurants in Vermont, Worthy Burger is a must-try for the burger-enthusiast. The beef is cooked using wood fire and the fries are cooked in beef tallow giving it a rich and irresistible flavor. The menu is creative with names for items such as the Turducky Burger. Worthy Burger is unique, great for beer and burger loves, and an overall enjoyable place to grab a bite to eat!

Green Dot Stables

If you are a fan of sliders then you would love the Green Dot Stables in Detroit. Green Dot Stables, getting its name from its horse-racing theme, focuses on fun and unique sliders such as Pork Belly Schnitzel, Quinoa Burger, Korean slider, and the constant changing “mystery meat”. The price isn’t so bad either as each slider is between $2-$3.00. This also gives chance for the consumer to try a variety of different flavors at once. If you want to have a fun yet flavorful experience then Green Dot Stables is definitely a place to hit up!

Rodeo Goat

This meaty burger place is quite popular with the Texans. Rodeo Goat focuses on beefsteak and mouthwatering goat and whiskey cheese. With loaded cheese fries that is out of this world, cold craft and bottled beer with a full bar, and friendly service this burger joint can cater all of your needs. The environment is relaxing and spacious and contains a covered outdoor area. Perfect for a fun evening with friends and co-workers! If you are in Ft. Worth or Dallas, Texas – you have to give this joint a try!