World’s first DC Comics-themed restaurant opens in London

The world’s first DC Comics-themed restaurant has opened up in Soho, London. Replacing Mash Steakhouse at 77 Brewer Street, Park Row restaurant is clad in the DCEU elements, particularly from Batman Comics. This is not a typical restaurant; instead, it is a collection of five exclusive and immersive F&B spots crafted around the DC Comics. 

Park Row offers an experiential journey into the world of the Caped Crusader, his nemesis the Joker, Harley Quinn and other legendary characters from the comic books.

DC-Themed Park Row

The most prominent feature of Park Row is Gotham City. Each of the five restaurants and bar spaces incorporate subtle stories from Gotham’s notorious characters, including The Penguin, Harley Quinn and Catwoman.

Steeped in a breathtaking Art Deco allure, Park Row is split in five sections – a lounge bar called Pennywoth’s, which is named after Bruce Wayne’s faithful butler; inspired by The Penguin, a dining area called Iceberg Lounge features live entertainment; The Rogue’s Gallery offers a dining experience inspired by Selina Kyle’s Catwoman; a distinct ‘speakeasy’ space called Old Gotham City serves up cocktails and bar snacks; a grand dinner experience in the Monarch Theater.

This exclusive spot offers an intimate menu that takes you on a one-of-a-kind culinary expedition. The Monarch Theater serves an eleven-course tasting menu with ‘poisonous’ mushroom parfait, edible jewelry and mouthwatering desserts. Moreover, all of this is served against a background of ever-changing, 360-degree projection representation.

A Wonderful Venture

The new restaurant is not just bells and whistles: it is a brainchild of Wonderland Restaurant Group, led by James Bulmer (former CEO of The Fat Duck Group), and Executive Chef of the Monarch Theater is Karl O’Dell (former Michelin-starred Texture).

The delectable menus have been created by brilliant chefs, including Karl O’Dell (Texture), Kim Woodward (100 Wardour and Savoy Grill), Lyre Pedrazuela (South Lodge and Bakeoff: The Professionals) as well as Chris Cox and Mark Garston (The Fat Duck). Check out more about the amazing place on their website.