The MIRROR on the wall streams fitness classes to your bedroom

Life is hectic for a lot many people and with the limited time on hand, hitting the gym or a fitness class is often a luxury that we can’t afford. Although home-workouts can be an option, but sticking to the stereotypical YouTube videos of fitness influencers can get boring and not motivating enough.  

This is where the MIRROR bridges the gap. It is an interactive fitness company that has launched personal training sessions, which are delivered one-on-one, in the comfort of your home. The device can be fitted in your bedroom, or any other room that has enough space for you to do your workout.

Personal Training at Home

The MIRROR is a 40-inch, 1080p vertical display that uses a two-way camera and audio system. It streams the sessions with your personal trainer, via the mirror, thus ensuring you stay committed to your regime.

The Personal Trainer communicates with you, via the device and guides you through the session, making you train as per your schedule. The one assurance that is necessary, and provided by the makers, is that the cameras function only when the training session is on.

We all know the kind of safety threat an open cameras pose, hence it’s good to know that the makers are taking the security aspect seriously.

In-room Weights Anyone?

As a subscriber you can choose trainers based on the workout activity you want to do. The options include yoga, strength training, kettle bells, arms and more. The session length and the trainer’s motivational style along with the streaming schedule, are the other parameters that you can consider.

While the one-time cost of the MIRROR is steep in comparison to what your gym membership is, but the $1,495 tab is not too costly if it keeps you motivated to work-out regularly. The convenience of streaming a class at home, and getting to work-out with some of the best trainers, can help you move the needle. You will have to invest in individual class prices and a monthly subscription fee. Know more here.