Explorest location scouting app makes photography a breeze

As a photography enthusiast finding the locations to take a perfect shot can be confusing. So, won’t it be a blessing if you had a photography location scouting app by your side to never miss out on your next viral photograph on Instagram?

Among a sea of photography apps that are more or less similar, Explorest brings something unique to the fore. The app comes with a niche collection of photography locations with the exact GPS coordinates and tips from a pool of expert photographers who explored the location.

Accomplice for Instagram success

What makes Explorest different is the pure curated manner in which it suggests the locations to take a photograph from, real time weather update for the location and the best time to shoot and even the ways to reach the location. 

CEO and co-founder Justin Myers says that the app has only the most suited and expert information from local photographers. Then there are loads of options that make the whole experience of exploring a new location, just awesome. At the end of your escapade, you end up with some great photographs.

Ever growing database

The app is growing gradually as more and more photographers join this niche community. For the local photographers too the app is useful as they get 50 percent of the revenue generated from subscriptions by users. As a photographer is you know the most picturesque locations of your town, the app gives you opportunity to help other amateur shutterbugs and make money in the process.

For now, Explorest is available for iOS users with the Android version is coming soon. The hot destinations where you can exploit the full potential of the app include Michigan, Hon Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, and Germany. The app is subscription-based and if you are into photography it will help you a great deal.