The Prep Rolling Mortar shows us a new way of crushing mint for mojitos

It’s the season to party, and I can bet that you have stocked your bar with the necessities. To elevate your offerings and to show off your bartending skills, adding a dash of lime and a few sprigs of crushed mint, can bring in the necessary aplomb to a drink.

While I know you can use a muddler to crush the mint (or any other ingredients for a cocktail) in the glass, I’d recommend adding a little bit of design and flamboyance to your show. Invest in some equipment like the Prep Rolling Mortar.

Rolling a Mojito

Though a traditional Cuban highball, Mojito doubles up as a signature drink in my home bar. If you go the authentic way, then you are looking for five basic ingredients: white rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water, and mint. The perfect mix of sweetness, citrus notes mixed with herb-y flavor of mint, jazz up the rum and make mojito the perfect cooler to spice up your day.

Traditionally, you use a muddler to crush the mint sprigs, to release the oil and flavors of mint from the leaves, however using the Rolling Mortar to grind the leaves, adds a dash of woody notes, thanks to the use of an oak wood pestle.

Breaking the Mortar and Pestle Archetype

The award-winning design of the Rolling Mortar is unique. Crafted from Porcelain, Oak and Silicone, the spice grinder features a wooden wheel that moves back and forth inside the mortar, crushing the ingredients evenly.

The shape of the mortar is also very purposeful. The deep and narrow trough, keeps the ingredients contained within, and avoids any spills and flying debris. Taking inspiration from Chinese history, the design is a great addition to any kitchen and bar.