Caviar iPhone 11 Pro ready with a totally blinged-out look

This isn’t the first Caviar gadget we’re seeing but this one is definitely going to make a big impression. Just in time for Christmas, here is another luxe iPhone for the rich—the Credo Diamond Christmas Star iPhone 11 Pro. There is a whole Credo collection available so this is just one of the many. Check out the religious iconography that is perfect for the holidays.

Even if you’re not a believer, you will love this luxurious iPhone 11 Pro. The iPhone model is expensive already and it’s made more difficult by the Caviar. If you may remember back in May, we featured the Game of Thrones-themed Samsung Galaxy Fold. That one was more expensive because the phone alone was already pricey at around $2,000. Sadly though, the foldable phone was pulled because of reports of displays breaking.

Yet Another Caviar iPhone  

The Caviar iPhone 11 Pro is filled with a 3.05-carat diamond. The outside of the phone is covered in 18-karat fold. The rear panel has the nativity screen with Joseph and Mary watching over Jesus. It’s typically Christmas image but one with what looks like a toddler Jesus.

Indulge if you may on this Caviar Jesus phone. The Credo Diamond Christmas Star is definitely a sight to behold. That is, if you can afford the $129,050 iPhone 11 Pro. Want the Pro Max variant? It’s pricier at $140,850.

Expensive Caviar Credo Mixed with Less Pricey Ones

The prices are astounding because the Caviar Game of Thrones iPhone only costs $8,000. Another old iPhone X set in 24-karat gold with Putin’s face was only $5,000. I hope we read the numbers right but then again we’re talking about gold and diamonds here.

The Credo Diamond Christmas Star is mainly diamond. Don’t forget that. The Credo collection is a mix of high-priced and affordable items.

By “affordable” we still mean thousands of dollars like $9,340 for the Star of Bethlehem version and the gold and composite stone model aka the ‘Glow’ for $6,370. For the non-Christians, there’s also the $5,740 Medina Nephrite with Islamic iconography.