The Ritz-Carlton luxury yacht: set sail in supreme comfort for a cool $1,175,000

The Ritz Carlton is expanding laterally from land and onto the sea with the launch of a new luxury yacht in early 2020

If you are a fan of staying in Ritz-Carltons and accustomed to that level of signature luxury, then it will be a delight for you to hear that the famous chain is setting sail on the high seas. The Ritz-Carlton’s first foray into the open ocean will debut with the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection this February in 2020. The idea is that you’ll be sailing to coveted places around the world, in a ship that is a destination unto itself.

The Ritz-Carlton vessel will not have a set home port. It will follow a path along the sun after departing, for the first time ever from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. It continues to Barbados before setting sail across the Atlantic Ocean and reach the Mediterranean area by the beginning of summer.

Afterwards, the luxury yacht will head north into the Baltic region. Before eventually turning around back towards the North American continent, specifically, the Atlantic coast of Canada and then New England – just in time around fall in order to catch the shifting colors of autumn. The “final” leg of the journey will be to warm and beautiful waters of the Caribbean.

You will definitely not be hard pressed for fine accommodations aboard Ritz-Carlton super luxurious liner since you can only really choose from one class of cabin – and that would be, first class. The entire ship will have 149 suites onboard, from which you can choose one of six suite categories – so basically, it’s like take your pick of luxury.

Five of the six style of suites will feature a walk-in shower with separate tub, double-vanity bathrooms, king beds with luxury linens – and all rooms will provide guests with unparalleled vistas from private balconies and from the comfort of their spacious confines with glorious floor to window ceilings.

Expect a relaxing and rejuvenating voyage defined by elegance because there will be no tacky casinos, loud theaters, or outrageous magic shows on board – often characterized by popular less luxury-oriented cruise lines. However, if you like entertainment and shows, you will always have the option to treat yourself to a performance by a well-known local on land and timed with the ship’s port of call – that is, should you feel the need for any extracurricular activity.

The ship will be able to accommodate around 298 guests. Guests will still have plenty of options though since the fortunate passengers onboard will be able to choose from one of ten different dining experiences – some with famous chefs: like the one designed by Chef Sven Elverfeld of Aqua – the three Michelin-starred restaurants at The Ritz-Carlton, Wolfsburg.

Traveling on this on The Ritz-Carlton cruise yacht is definitely a premium experience. You will need to budget for $235,000 USD per night with a five-night minimum. So, if your heart is set on cruising the globe swaddled in the pinnacle of comfort and ultra-luxury, then it might be best to start saving now.