The SIX Carry-on Bag with Push Forward Feature is for Effortless Rolling

How many times have you struggled with your bags down the subway stairs? I hear you people! My son was studying in Fukuoka and I had to fly out to Tokyo for a two-day business meeting. Like any doting mother, I packed a 20 kg suitcase – full of Indian sweets and food items, for him to savor at his hostel, and to stock him up for a couple of months.

As luck would have it, my cab driver dropped me off at an entrance to the Tokyo Station that had no elevators but six of flight of stairs, to the main platform. I had no choice but to struggle down the staircases, with my two heavy bags. Essentially, I was loaded with two four-wheel stroll bags, that I had to pull or drag along with me, as I tried getting onto a Bullet Train that would take me from Tokyo to Hakata.

Chipped nails, bruised forearms and muscles that I had not used for a long time, protested and pleaded with me to stop. At one point I even contemplated abandoning the ‘Food Bag’, but then stopped mid-thought, because I was doing this heavy-lifting for my son.

The whole experience taught me two things – it’s only Indian food, let the kid order online from Amazon. And more importantly, to invest in a bag that will be more helpful in such situations. The airport journey is only a part of the lifecycle of a bag. A major chunk belongs to dragging the bag across busy walkways, crowded subways and stations, and of course the bumpy footpaths.

Effortlessly Push Forward with The SIX

Designed with a handle that is angled at 66-degrees, G-RO’s SIX is a unique bag that has a ‘push’ feature, making it easy to use. It is quite a natural motion for us to push. Think about it, we push baby strollers, baby prams and even the shopping cart.

Luggage and carry-on bags have forever been pulled or dragged behind us. In the early 1900s we had suitcases that we carried with a handle. This evolved to a bag with a pulling strap attached to it. Next came the strollers with two-wheels, that you could drag behind you.

By the time we reached the early 1990s, we had four-wheel spinners that we dragged along-side us. Sometimes this hampered our gait, because you still ended up doing a slight ‘pull’ motion. G-RO has re-envisioned the SIX as a bag fitted with custom-designed spinners, so that you can steer easily with the ‘push’ motion.

Ergonomically, you end up using the muscles that you use on a daily basis, hence they don’t tend to get sore if you use them. Easy to maneuver in crowded places, the SIX sports an angled handle, so that you can rest your arms in a neutral position while you work the bag.

The Science of SIX

As this bag is the sixth product, with six wheels and a handle angled at 66-degrees, the makers have christened it – the SIX. As a modern traveler, it is important to invest in innovations that look at making your travels a more joyful experience. The new push configuration basically factors in the user’s body weight and makes it work as counterbalance. This means ‘zero additional energy’ energy is needed for rolling the bag.  

The key features of the SIX include a flat top, which doubles up as a make-shift table for you to work on. The aluminum chassis is strong enough to withstand any kind of terrain. TSA approved locks are a given. Pushing Forward is the biggest selling point – and this enables superior maneuverability. Travel-bag-related issues like sore wrists, arms, shoulders, neck, elbow, and back are eliminated with this bag.

The signature GravityRoll wheels (axle-less wheels), super spacious interiors (38L of packing volume), advanced handles and well-thought out design, add value to the overall design. Available in the Pride Edition, Skyline Edition, Aviation Edition and Racing Edition, you can pick your bag from here.

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  • G Hogestadh
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    I still wait for delivery of my “Carry-on Effortlessly Push Forward” in black. I order it and pay 18 nov 2019.
    Ref: 2121-1368-3833-2088

    Goran Hogestadh

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