The Three Sixty rotating bed is fun yet luxurious

Meet The Three Sixty. The name of the bed alone tells you it turns around, giving its master a unique but luxurious stay in bed every time. This is not for those who easily get dizzy. This is for the adventurous sleepyhead who likes to try everything.

The Three Sixty is a bespoke bed so you know it’s very British. It is perfect for people who know how to run the world. It combines luxury, technology, and aesthetics.

Sleep Can Be Luxurious

Finishing the bed takes more than 300 craft hours. There is such a thing as the art of fine bed-making and this bed is a perfect example. Not many people may think a bed can be this luxurious but let them sleep for a night or two and they will tell you how their attitude towards sleep has changed.

Savoir Beds is a company known for coming up with extraordinary designs of beds. Every bed is well-designed and well-crafted. Each bed like The Three Sixty shows the correct form and movement of how a real luxury bed should be.

Savoir Beds boasts having been tapped by royalty and celebrities to make their beds. Now, this is your chance to feel like a star or royalty when you have your own bed made. You can have everything made but we think The Three Sixty is something that will make any regular sleep to something exceptional.

The Three Sixty Difference

The Three Sixty is like having your own turntable. The only difference is you’re on it while spinning. Who knows a few spins will get you dizzy and actually lull you to sleep. Now that’s the kind we want but very slowly.

The bed features a rotating technology made by those who really manufacture custom turntables. A rotating bed even comes with reading lights, power outlets, and USB. It may look like any ordinary bed but it’s high-tech. It’s unique. It’s rare—just perfect for you who deserve a good night’s sleep.

The Three Sixty can be available from Harrods or directly from the bed maker. Go to any showroom and see for yourself this Three Sixty bed.