Themed vacations solo traveler must plan at some point

Traveling alone can be satisfying and rewarding experience, no matter what your reasons are. The benefits of traveling unaccompanied range from the freedom to indulge your every whim to a sense of empowerment or opportunities for reflection, self-discovery, and new friendships. Besides, it is a great confidence- and character-builder.

Although the notion of traveling solo can be a daunting one, there are plenty of reasons to do so. A major factor in mastering the art of solo travel is selecting the perfect destination. Whether it be a multi-country trip or a city break, some regions are more suited for solo travelers.

Depending on your interest, here are the best five vacations for people keen on traveling alone. Get your very own “Eat, Pray, Love” experience through a journey where you will discover just as much about yourself as about the world.

The adventure destination

South America is one of the best adventure destinations for adrenaline junkies. With plenty of mountains to ascend, rivers to raft, ancient ruins to uncover, and forests to explore; South America offers a bunch of adventurous endeavors. Besides, the general warmth and compassion of local people and the continent’s premium hostel network makes the journey incredibly simple and enjoyable for solo travelers.

Explore cultural hub

Europe houses the world’s most famous cultural destinations. Not only are these destinations rich in art and architectural heritage, they have brilliant origin stories as well, especially Rome. Rome is brimming with ancient icons like the Colosseum, towering masterpieces of Renaissance architecture like St. Peter’s Basilica, and various other historical marvels. Buzzing with millions of tourists, even unaccompanied travelers are bound to mingle with strangers over a glass of wine in The Eternal City.

A tropical escape in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia has so many brilliant tropical escapes for people who just want to lie down on a beach and enjoy the seascape. Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and a couple of countries in the region are perfect for alone vacationers. These countries are affordable, easy to travel through, friendly, and brimming with fellow tourists. Oh! And local cuisines here are absolutely delectable. From cities to small towns, from beaches to mountains, these countries provide a wide array of travel experiences.

In the arms of nature

East Africa is full of wildlife and natural beauty. A journey through the region will leave you satisfied and more connected to the nature. You can watch gorillas in the jungles of Rwanda, meet a Maasai chief in Kenya, admire the predators of Serengeti or spot the “Big Five” in Tanzania. Although East Africa’s tourism infrastructure is well developed and travelling solo in most of these countries is perfectly doable, but if you do not want to go wildlife viewing alone, you can opt for a group tour.


If the purpose of your solo trip is to explore and reconnect to your inner self, Bali is the perfect place to be. With plenty of wellness retreats, art-filled corners and tranquil landscapes, your journey to self-actualization can come to fruition instantly in Bali (given you have a strong will). Consider this your own “Eat, Pray, Love” experience, just like Julia Roberts – as this wonderful place is ideal to relax, reflect and recharge your body, mind and soul; and has much serenity to offer through its gorgeous scenery.