These are the best wearable neck speakers you can own

Wearable speakers are designed to be worn around the neck – they are made for the wrist as well – but most commonly these horseshoe-shaped devices are made to be worn like a necklace. The wave of these speakers is fairly new in the US but they are gaining popularity for being a viable answer for those who want a device that’s as easy to wear as the headphones but with the sound of a speaker.

A wearable speaker fits snugly around the neck and creates a personal sound zone yet leaving you fully aware of your surroundings. For their benefits, the wearable speakers are finding takers from a wider array of consumers beyond the music buffs alone. The wearable neck speakers are finding a market with gamers as they create sound around the head for an immersive environment, and can also be used by cyclists as a safer bet than the headphones (that cut out the ambient noise, which can be hazardous for a rider).

Since there are a range of options available on the market, it’s not easy to find the best wearable neck speaker to wear. We have rounded up our favorites and new releases for your preference, have a look below; this will help you make a selection easily.

Sony Neckband SRS-WS1

The Sony SRS-WS1 Immersive wireless speaker is not just meant to deliver sound around the neck, in fact, it promises Sony’s surround sound that you can wear like a neckband for convenience. Featuring 30mm-diameter, full-range speakers on either side, the SRS-WSI focuses sound around the wearer’s ear leaving the ears open for the surround sounds, without any compromise in listening quality. Truly wireless in functionality, the wearable speaker can connect over Bluetooth to any enabled device and for saving battery, it can also plug it into phones and gaming devices with a provided cable.

JBL Soundgear  

The JBL Soundgear comes with brand’s signature sound wireless performance creating a personal sound zone for the user. Since the speaker is not stuck into the ear, it allows you to remain fully aware of the surroundings while enjoying music or being engrossed in a gaming session. Touting a playback of about six hours when connected to Bluetooth, the speaker features quad transducers with bass boost to deliver unmatched sound. The Soundgear’s dual mic conferencing system allows crystal clear voice calls and its soft touch fabric finish makes the audio device really comfortable to wear and use.

Oraolo M110 Neckband

With a pair of upward facing 3W speakers onboard, the Oraolo M110 produces rich sound. The wearable Bluetooth speaker lets you carry your music and gaming sessions anywhere you go. The monstrous yet immersive sound is apt for an ultimate experience. The speaker is made from soft silicone material for super flexibility and is lightweight and comfortable for all-day listening. The Oraolo M110 has noise-canceling microphone to allow clear calls and is made waterproof to bear the sweat and slight water spills. In addition to playing music over Bluetooth, this neckband also supports microSD card wherein you can store your favorites for when your other portable device is unavailable.  

Bose Soundwear

Just like the other wearable Bluetooth speakers here, the Soundwear from Bose is also made to surround the wearer with clear, full sound in Bose style. Even while delivering rich sound and immersive sound experience, the speaker on the shoulder leaves the ears free so the wearer can still hear what’s happening in the background. With upward facing speakers the Soundwear is comfortable to wear and allows one to enjoy music, connect to the gaming environment, make calls and interestingly even access voice assistances. The speaker offers 12 hours of playback time and is sweat and water-resistant.

Panasonic SC-GN01 SoundSlayer

Made exclusively and entirely for enhancing a player’s immersive audio experience while gaming. Immersive audio can inflict a stark difference between an average gameplay and exception gaming, for this Panasonic has now delivered the SC-GN01 SoundSlayer, a wearable speaker system that you adorn like a necklace. During the long gaming sessions, your earphones can become really tiring and uncomfortable, the SoundSlayer can present a nice alternative with a trio of sound modes to produce a “vast sound field.” For two-way communication, the device is provided with echo-canceling microphones.