Linea Organizer goes modern minimalist yet multifunctional

Going minimalist is hard but it can be worth it. However, it must be done slowly but surely. Start small. Don’t just throw away all the times that no longer spark joy in your house. You can be brutal but you also have to be smart about your decision. You may be trashing something important so just be careful.

Start with maybe small items in your room. Spend a few minutes surveying the surrounding. Begin with your bathroom. Throw out expired personal products and replace them with new ones.

Green Minimalism is In

Make sure you organize your new stuff with proper organizers like this Linea by Made by Pen. Designed by Jim Hannon-Tan is also ‘green’. The stainless steel and brass material are eco-friendly. It also uses easy-to-clean silicone.

The modern design is very clean and structured—very minimalist. It’s not only for the bathroom. You can also use it for your other rooms or maybe like your desk that you’ve been wanting to organize because it’s messy.

One Organizer for Almost Anything

The Linea Organizer can hold your pens, sunglasses, watch, and car keys as pictured above. It can even hold your phone and wallet on the coffee table in the living room. In your bathroom, it can hold your toothbrush, shampoo, body wash, and body scrub.

For the ladies, the organizer is perfect for your makeup. If you’re all artsy and crafty, it can also hold some of your favorite art stuff.

The Linea Organizer features a streamlined design containing a pair of cups, a dish, and a tray. There are different variants and colors available using different materials from brass to marble to silicone. Colors vary with different combinations of silver, shark fin, coral, harbor mist, cherry, and black among others.

The Linea Organizer is available for $140. The multi-purpose tabletop organizer shows off sleek and modern lines as inspired by the National Congress building designed by Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer.