This 1965 Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe belonged to Carroll Shelby

Some of the most iconic cars of the 60s and most iconic racing cars in history bear the Shelby name. The car in the images here is a 1965 Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe chassis number CSX 2469. While the car itself is incredibly rare, this specific vehicle was also previously owned and driven by Carroll Shelby.

The lineage of the car is well-documented and includes a title in Shelby’s name. The car has a vintage race history, including wins at Laguna Seca and Goodwood. It was previously driven by Phil Hill, Derek Hill, Derek Bell, John Morton, and Brian Redman. Shelby commissioned the Daytona Coupe body while he owned the car, and it’s listed in the Shelby registry.

The car has a big V-8 engine under the hood and looks like it just rolled off the track from a 60s era race. The car is going up for auction, and while the auction house does not indicate how much it expects the car to sell for, we do have some indication of the car’s value from the late Shelby himself.

When the car was imported to England, Shelby listed the value of the 1965 Cobra as $1.5 million for customs. Paperwork included with the auction shows that the car features a 4736 cc V-8 engine and was manufactured in 1964. It was restored in 1997.

Anyone wanting to learn more about the car can hop over to the auction listing above and check out all the paperwork included with the car. The FIA paperwork alone give some interesting insights into every detail of the car from the engine to the suspension and chassis. We’d wager this car will go for more than $1.5 million it was valued at in 2000.