This Multipurpose Compact Ice Box Is a Refreshing Addition to Your Summer Picnics

With the summer months right around the corner, we can begin to look forward to some backyard barbecues and some cold ones. Speaking of cold ones, it’s probably about time to go about searching for your trusty old icebox.

Yeah, the same one you’ve had for decades; the one that’s an absolute chore to clean. Or maybe you could opt for this compact, multifunctional MoMA Reversible Lid Ice Box.

What Makes It Stand Out?

Right off the bat, contrary to most conventional Iceboxes, this one is made of ABS Plastic and Platinum Rubber (compared to the traditionally used hard plastic). What’s more is that the icebox not only stores ice, but the reversible lid doubles as an ice tray.

With a funky hexagon inspired bubble geometry casted into the ice tray, your ice comes out looking just as cool as the make of this product. One batch creates 33 cubes.

Storage and Dimensions

With a storage capacity of up to 130 ice pieces, the Reversible Lid Ice Box ensures, you have plenty supplies to keep cool in the blazing summer heat.

Despite boasting a decent capacity, the actual dimensions of the Ice Box are quite conservative, measuring just 5” tall X 9” wide X 9” deep. The compact size means that the MoMA Reversible Lid Ice Box will fit easily (with room to spare) in every picnic box! Order yours here, at just $30