Bob is smallest dishwasher made exclusively from recyclable materials

Dishwashers have established themselves as big and non-attractive appliances that are unquestionably necessary in every household. Changing the outlook of dishwashers, a French company has designed a small and autonomous dishwasher called Bob.

The cute little Bob is an eco-friendly dishwasher, which is perfect for people living in small dwellings, in RVs or using boats, and where water needs saving. According to Damian Py, President and CEO, Daan Tech, Bob is the “world’s smallest, lightest & fastest dishwasher entirely made of recyclable materials.”

Bob the dishwasher

The advanced dishwasher is inspired by professional dishwashers. It is capable of washing dishes for 2 people in merely 20 minutes. It fits on the side of a sink with its sleek body looks absolutely stunning. Bob the mini dishwasher cleans and dries dishes using minimum energy and water consumption. It only utilizes 0.35kWh and consumes less than 3 liters of water per cycles.

Daan Tech claims that Bob uses five times less water than manual dishwashing, and owing to its built-in 3-liter water tank it does not need to be connected to a water supply. Bob can handle 6 plates, 4 glasses, 4 cups, 2 bowls, and 6 silverware in one cycle.

Efficient and safe

Apart from its efficient functioning and adorable design, another attractive feature of Bob is that it indulges in UV-C sterilization, using ultraviolet light to envelop the structure of genetic material, efficiently destroying bacteria and viruses. Bob has a 2.2-inch LCD display and 3 physical buttons where users can choose the washing mode, custom modes can be defined over Wi-Fi.

This mini dishwasher has a magnetic automatic door opening system for natural drying. Bob comes in 12 different colors for the front door and 2 colors (black or white) for the chassis. The 22lbs (10kgs) dishwasher is available at £349.90 (approx. $470).