Echelon Stride auto-fold treadmill is convenient way to get in shape

Going for a run in the coronavirus times seems a bit riskier, but the innovative Echelon Stride auto-fold smart treadmill offers a fitness regime at the comfort and safety of your home. Its sleek design seamlessly unites functionality and technology, and includes auto-fold tech to make cardio workouts more accessible.

The Echelon Stride has been designed as a more efficient alternative, well-suited to homes of all sizes. You can get fit through an intensive workout with this smart unit, which offers 12 incline levels to choose from and a maximum running speed of 12mph.

Echelon Stride

The innovative Echelon Stride has a patented three-step auto-folding design to instantly fold the handlebars down after the workout, allowing easy storage under a bed or furniture. The unit also has holders for phone, tablet, and two water bottles, so you can keep hydrated and updated while sweating it out.

The treadmill features built-in wheels to further adjust movement within the living area and weighs about 156-pounds to make it a lightweight substitute to existing options available in the market. Echelon Stride has eight pre-programmed workouts, scenic views, pulse readout, distance, incline, time and speed, and calorie burn indicators.

Smart gym equipment

With the Echelon Stride treadmill, its accompanying app, and $40 per month for an Echelon United class membership, you can burn calories in style. Although a bit expensive, this smart gym equipment offers access to a wide range of workouts such as strength training and yoga.

It is compatible with phones and tablets, has a charging port, an 18.5-in touchscreen, Bluetooth connectivity, and access to connected community through Echelon membership. It also provides wide-ranging connectivity with thousands of live and on-demand fitness classes, which enable you to workout independently or virtually with other members without having to step outside the house.

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