This Smart Lockbox Allows for Safer Handovers of Keys and Cards

I feel that hiding your spare house key under the doormat or maybe a flower vase, is probably the oldest cliché in the book one can find. It would probably be safer, and definitely more sensible to have some sort of locked cabinet or box you could have outside your home to keep things like that and maybe your car keys too. Unfortunately, that comes with the added complication of having separate keys for the cabinet itself.

This is where the Igloohome Smart Keybox 3 comes into the picture to solve problems just like the one mentioned above. This device is basically invented with the sole purpose of storing things securely for easy retrieval and handovers.

An Ergonomic Design

The Smart Keybox 3 is a padlock-shaped smart device where you could store pretty much anything from your house keys to your credit cards. It comes in two convenient sizes and has a 2.5-inch-deep storage space, which is ideal to store a variety of personal belongings.

The Keybox 3 can be linked up via Bluetooth by the user and would unlock via an app. Another neat feature of this mini safe is that you can give remote access to anyone by generating and sharing a pin code with them via text or even Facebook messenger. This is definitely more convenient than most other similar devices which require anyone accessing it to download the app.

Safe and Sturdy

The construction of the Keybox 3 is both scratch-resistant and extremely sturdy. It is designed to be a one-size-fits-all kind of design, making it compatible with everything from doorknobs to fences. What’s more is that your belongings will be safe from pretty much all-weather conditions, be it rain or snow.

Additional safety features include the integrated app keeping a log of dates and times the Keybox 3 has been accessed. The app also provides great flexibility with setting pins. You could choose to set it as a one-time pin or have it set a permanent pin code. In conclusion, I would say that the use of the Keybox 3 in your household, would make any modern home safer. The product retails at $189 and is available to purchase here.