Sennheiser HD 800 S Anniversary Edition headphones celebrate brand’s 75 years

Sennheiser has proved its mettle in the audio equipment space in the last 75 years and now to mark its anniversary, the German sound experts have a surprise for headphone fanatics. Dr. Andreas Sennheiser, co-CEO, Sennheiser said, “Our 75-year history has not only been shaped by exceptional ideas and innovations, by taking on challenging projects and achieving numerous successes – above all, we are celebrating an enduring passion for great sound this year.”

The HD 800 S headphones are the standard when it comes to true audiophile accessories, and are hugely popular with people who love their music. No surprise, Sennheiser has created 750 limited edition units of the HD 800 S Anniversary Edition headphones, and they are going to be hot property.  

True reflection of Sennheiser’s quest for perfection

The anniversary edition HD 800 S wireless headphones not only sound sublime, they look stunning as well in premium matte gold colorway. Each one of the produced units goes through the brand’s Quality Evaluation department – getting a frequency response certification.

The left and right transducers of the open back headphones is handcrafted in Germany, matching the left and right systems for a perfectly balanced sound that compares to only a few. The spatial sound is reminiscent of the standard HD 800 S model – with the frequency range of 4 to 51,000Hz for crystal clear audio for all genres of music.       

Ergonomic comfort for true music lovers

The headphones are crafted in Wedemark, Germany, using glass-fiber reinforced plastic which is lightweight and durable. For ergonomic comfort the earpads are made out of soft vegan velour material.

Since they are the most exclusive HD 800 S headphones you can own, each one of them is laser engraved with the serial number. The peculiar matte gold yoke and the shell ring lend the headphones a distinct personality that’s worth the premium price tag of $1,700