Three things you can do for an inspiring day

Today is the day of possibilities and I can feel it unfolding beautifully – very often I wake up with this thought in my mind and completely surrender to the impulse and emotion that accompanies it. I’ve noticed that on days like these, I am better equipped emotionally and mentally to take on the tasks at hand and have an inspiring day. With a movement towards wellness, which encompasses physically and mental wellbeing, I’ve come across a lot many speakers on the subject of ‘how to start your day’ and ‘how to be a deliberate creator’.

Most of what I capture here, is from personal experiences and that I have been practicing over the past eight years. I agree with Einstein when he says that imagination is everything. And every invention that we have had, was once someone’s imagination. The brilliance of our minds is such, that it can help us perceive the same subject differently, if we shift our perspective. Dr. Wayne Dyer had once said that, ‘if you change the way you look at things, things for you will change’, and I completely agree with it.

Open your mind

Like a sheet of driven snow, when you wake up in the morning, you are fresh and there is nothing stopping you from deliberately creating your day. You have the choice of making it as empowering as you want it to be. However, if you have a healthy body to support your desires, it’s a lot more fun. One of my sources for inspiration comes from meditating and offering gratitude, the minute I wake up. It takes all of ten minutes, and by bringing a routine to it, I feel a lot more in control.

The art of meditation is not very difficult. You don’t have to chase thoughts out of your mind, or try and focus on a candle flame – although this technique helps quite a bit. You can meditate by hooking your attention to a peripheral sound that is there in your environment. For example, the humming of the air conditioner, or the blast from your fan. This technique helps you focus and bring your attention to one point of concentration, and this is enough.

Meditation improves your breathing and brings you to a state of awareness. It also helps you feel better. And when you are emotionally in a better space, you are in the mode to receive new ideas and respond to stimuli and not react. This can be the starting point for your inspiring day.

Brekkie is important

Intermediate fasting fad may be on the rise, but the honest truth is that no one should be skipping breakfast. And as you grow older, your body requires the fuel to keep you recharged throughout the pace of a hectic morning. If you are not mindful of eating a proper breakfast, then you can expect antacids to become your best friend, later on in life.

It doesn’t matter if you are into raw food, vegan or good old meats – like my grandmother used to say – those who skip breakfast, will never have the pleasure of seeing the sunshine from within. Not sure if it makes sense off the cuff, but I’m sure there is a deeper meaning to eat.

If you’re pressed for time, then the easiest thing to do is EBT – eggs, banana and toast. The combination is a natural cleanser and gives you the right amount of power charge that you need.

Listen to the waves

Sound – or music, can have a very profound effect on conditioning your mind. As many of you know, words have power – so let your mind marinate on soothing chants that can trigger inspiration, rather than heavy metal or rock music. One of my favorite chants is ‘OM’, and it plays in the background in a loop. The vibrations of ‘OM’ resound in a manner that instantly uplifts your mood. And we all know that a happy person is an inspired person.

It can be a good idea to sit in the lotus posture and chant or listen to soothing music for a few minutes. This exercise will help you re-arrange your thoughts and improve your vibrational being – getting you prepared for the day.