Ulysse Nardin Freak X has the ‘X Factor’ of a good price

Making it an entry point into the FREAK family, the FREAK X has many ‘X Factors’ which include a tighter sizing of case and the price point. While keeping the aesthetic and functional elements in line with what the collection stands for, the new Ulysse Nardin Freak X sports a 43mm instead of 45mm. This makes the watch a lot easier to use and read.

Breaking the norms of the FREAK VISION and FREAK OUT watches, the FREAK X sports a crown to help you make corrections to the time. The former two models work with the bezel for time correction. In fact, being crown-less is one of the main iconic aspects of the two watches, so this new aspect is refreshing and makes it easier to use the watch.   

Ulysse Nardin uses its signature baguette-shaped carousel movement for this series. It turns once on itself every hour to tell you the time. The movement has fewer wheels and is a lot simpler and bold. As the dial sports no hands, the central bridge serves as the minute hand. Likewise, with no dedicated hours hand, one of the wheels indicates the hours.

Peer inside the watch and you will notice a super-light balance wheel in silicium – extra-wide, with nickel flyweights and stabilizing micro-blades. Beating to the rhythm is the UN-230 movement – which is a fusion of the manufacture calibers UN-118 and FREAK VISION UN-250.

Talking about the case, what we like is that its designed nicely rounded with curved lines and looks really transformative. Four variations make up the Ulysse Nardin Freak X series: titanium, rose gold, black DLC titanium, or Carbonium. For those who don’t know, Carbonium is one of the essential components in modern airplanes. It is a high-performance material and brings out the beauty of the watch.

Of the four watches, let’s look at the Freak X2303-270.1/BLACK in detail. It hosts the Self-winding Caliber UN-230 movement and a 3Hz Silicium balance wheel. The indices and bridges are coated with Superluminova, and the 43mm case is crafted from Titanium with DLC case. It is teamed with an openwork veal strap, and is water resistant to 50m. Priced at $21,000, this watch and the titanium version are an entry to this realm. The Carbonium is $24,000 and the rose gold is $30,000.