Pied-à-Mer by Michael K. Chen is a convertible floating apartment

Famous for creating stylish, compact homes, architect Michael K. Chen has unveiled his latest creation called Pied-à-Mer, which is a 600 square foot convertible apartment on the largest residential yacht in the world.

The holiday apartment is filled with references to mid-20th century ocean liners, a streak of advanced technology blending with craft, and other bespoke elements.

Convertible floating residence

Specializing in small, multi-functional spaces, Chen’s studio has completed this unique project with an exquisitely crafted structure combining two units. The sleek design converts from a spacious one-bedroom to a two-bedroom apartment, large enough to accommodate a small group of people.

Drawing inspiration from Le Corbusier’s belief that a home should be regarded as a “machine for living,” the custom-fabricated parts have cool blue and gray-toned ribbed aluminum finish. To contrast these metallic tones, various other materials varying from lacquered millwork and stone surfaces to soft fabrics such as mohair, velvet and suede clad the apartment.

Filled with many geometric shapes to enhance the subtle aesthetics, the convertible apartment has two bedrooms, two baths, a kitchen, a dressing room, a sitting area, a trunk room, and a landing zone.

Multifunctional living unit

The multifunctional living unit has some hidden elements, such as the fold-up cantilevered beds and integrated appliances. The dining area transforms into the second bedroom when required, where the dining table can be tucked away in the wall to make room for a cantilevered folding bed. A sliding screen divides the apartment while transfiguring into a two-bedroom space. 

The design features a range of prefabricated pod-like volumes. Two pod-like volumes, each containing private bath and storage units, systemize the distribution of belongings in the apartment, allowing effortless movement through the common areas and from its front door to its ocean-facing glass wall.