Urban Mutts: World’s first luxury hotel for dogs comes up in London

Opened in London’s West End, Urban Mutts is the world’s first luxury hotel for dogs, which promises a pampering experience for your canine friends. The five-star dog club and hotel opened in the fall to deliver a luxury stay for dogs when their owners might go on vacations.

The hotel for dogs offers 24/7 indulging experience, with the staff practicing acupuncture, massage and reiki. The membership-based service proffers daycare, hotel stays, fitness regimes, grooming sessions and even spa treatments for your pooch with just £150 ($207) initiation fee.

Urban Mutts

The dog hotel provides luxurious accommodation facilities, including fully ventilated, heated indoor sleep huts, custom elevated beds and room service. The day club features LED mood lighting and walls adorned with street art mural, while the spa has high-class offerings from quick wash’n’go to manicures.

A quick 24-hour booking costs £70 ($97), while for a week or more, the overnight rental fee is £50 ($70) per night. Dogs can stay here for up to three months. Moreover, there is a team of trainers to cater to your pooch’s needs in situ or outdoors in nearby parks and streets. Talk about VIP treatment!

Dog paradise

The brainchild of Barry Karacostas, this luxury hotel is nothing less than a dog paradise. Karacostas, a.k.a. @thedogjogger, wanted to create a lavish space for canines to have their own pet-friendly sleepaway camp experience while their owners might be exploring the world.

Urban Mutts caters both to local, London-based dogs and jet-setting canines. The initiation fee covers the lifetime of a dog and allows liberty to choose any services the owner wants for his pooch.