URBIE Air Eco Air Purifier with potted plant is also dehumidifier

When I killed my cactus plant, because I forgot to water it, I had vowed never to get myself an indoor plant and subject myself to such criminal implications. No matter how tempting the new-age planters are, they are to be steered away from, period. There are many people like me, who deprive themselves of the joy of indoor greens that can help reduce stress, clean up the air quality, among other things.

So when I came across the three-in-one advanced air purifier that is eco-friendly as well, I was intrigued. The URBIE Air Eco Air Purifier says it can eliminate 99% of allergens, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and other pollutants. It helps in removing excess humidity from the room environment and destroy mold and dust mites.

Ninja Plants that Kill Pollutants

The three features packed into URBIE include air purification, dehumidification and most importantly a self-watering smart plant system. The purpose of packing in these features is to use the natural eco system of plants and marry them with technology so that we can get more out of home planters, without killing them.

Essentially the system works at removing the excess humidity from the home-environment. It filters the VOC and amplifies the production of fresh oxygen through integrated technology. For example, an eco-friendly bio-filtration process kicks in to clean the air from impurities.

The system also recycles water from humidity and uses the condensed water to automatically water the plant. Basically whenever the plant requires its dose of water, the internal system of Urbie allocates the required amount, keeping the plant healthy for maximum oxygen production. 

With a Little Help from Tech

URBIE uses two powerful fans that are discreetly integrated into the design and their role is to pull in the polluted air and then filter it via the microorganisms found in the plant’s soil These microorganisms help in breaking down of the pollutants into safer compounds. With the additional use of Activated Eco-friendly Carbon Filters, the system is able to breakdown and purify Volatile Organic Compounds. 

URBIE Air can be used vis the URBIE Air app, which gives you the essential data like water tank levels, plant watering frequency, humidity levels, and VOC’s. I like the fact they have integrated powerful fans which help in maximizing the airflow to the plant. This helps the plant to produce the most amount of oxygen and removes high concentrates of CO2. 

With an array of colors to choose from, including pearl and classic meteorite, as long as the system promises to help nurture our green thumb, all is well!