Useful paid apps for iPhone to stay on top of your game

If iPhone is your friend, you may want to make it friendlier with applications that do over and above what the free apps cannot. Arguably free apps on the App Store can do pretty much everything, yet considering the fact that some apps charge you for doing just something similar is worth contention.

Has it ever crossed you, why these apps come for a price? Well the easiest explanation is they do their task better. So what are some of these paid apps that you should have on your iPhone to remain sorted and to stay on top of your game?


If you have a good night sleep, you are more energized and productive during the day. AutoSleep helps you know how well you have slept so you can kick start the day with more energy. It is ideally for tracking sleep on Apple Watch, but it works equally well on the iPhone as well. The app uses advanced Heuristics to work out how long the user has slept; and to keep track of quality of sleep, including monitoring of deep sleep and average heart rate.

Procreate Pocket

If you’re a budding artist chances are you already know about the Procreate Pocket app – if not, it allows artists from all walks of like to draw, paint or sketch. The digital art app makes your iPhone a utility tool with more than 135 preset textured brushes in various painting styles. It also contains charcoal sticks and calligraphy pens for hobbyists and pros who want their paintings and drawings feel natural.


Probably all of us set reminders at some point of time; but only a few of us are actually able to complete the task well in time when the reminder buzzes. Though iPhone has a built-in reminders app, it doesn’t give you repeated notifications – Due on the other hand sends out repeated notification until you act on it. With Due in the iPhone, it is nearly impossible to forget a task. It is breeze to set and postpone reminders on the app with its clever time picker and natural date phasing.