Bugatti Royale speakers promise exceptional home audio experience

High-end audio brands and ambitious automakers have collaborated in the past for many audio products. So this latest collaborative effort between Bugatti and audio firm Tidal is no surprise – but it is an overly zealous offering for anyone who doesn’t want to buy a Chiron but won’t mind a Royale speaker in the living room, just because he can afford.

French hypercar maker Bugatti and German audio company Tidal have collaborated to unveil the Royale speakers, which if you’re a Bugatti fan you can guess, are inspired by the Type 41 Royale.

The Bugatti of home audio

The duo have brought forth, in the first collaborative effort, a set of speakers that will be available in Monocoque and Duotone themes. These are limited edition speakers but they will have many customization options just like Bugatti offers to its buyers with their cars. Rightly then, these will be “the Bugatti of home audio.”

The set of Royales will also arrive in selection of piano finishes and come in choice of materials ranging from fabric, carbon fiber to leather, and from dark aluminum, polished stainless steel to precious metals. 

The active speakers

The Royales are, according to Bugatti, “active speaker with housing extremely powerful amplifier channels inside.” The luxury speakers comes with four long-throw subwoofers on either side. Two front-firing woofers are packed inside the cabinets along with aluminum diaphragms tweeters – the same as those found in Bugatti’s supercars.

The speakers can be used to play music from a multitude of sources courtesy the music controller. The automaker’s logo is flashed on front of the speaker while ‘Tidal for Bugatti’ is branded on back. Each speaker weighs 160kg and measures 1.5m high.

These chunky speakers come initially in Edition Noir and Edition Blanc colorways and are limited to only 15 pieces. If you’re interested, you can request price through Bugatti’s website.