Valentino One Stud Calfskin Sneakers launched

We must admit Valentino isn’t the name you go to if you want a new pair of basketball sneakers. You check out the Italian fashion brand if you want something luxurious and stylish. We can’t say much about comfort but we can guarantee you heads will turn when they see you wearing the Valentino “One Stud” Calfskin Sneakers.

The new Valentino One Stud Calfskin Sneakers look luxurious in calfskin leather. It bears the signature Maxi stud from the popular Garavani Roman Stud family. We’ve seen the stud in different shoes from the brand but the sneakers only feature a single stud placed on the lateral. 

Signature One Stud Style For Your Shoes

Valentino One Stud Calfskin Sneaker

The one stud is set in semi-matte finish. The sneaker can be had in either low-top or mid-top. On the heel and the tongue, you will see a Valentino Garavani logo that’s been screen-printed.

The rubber sole and rubber tread come with some Maxi stud detailing to complement the one stud on the lateral. The tread in the same design offers a footprint impression that is unique. 

One Stud Low-Top Calfskin Sneaker Colors

Valentino One Stud Calfskin Sneakers Red White

The Valentino One Stud Calfskin Sneaker is available in three colorways. Choose from these options: White, Black/White, or Red/White. 

When it comes to pricing, it’s not cheap. It costs $890 but that is expected from a luxury fashion house like Valentino. Visit to purchase a pair of the Valentino One Stud Calfskin Sneakers.