F1 Fragrances Engineered Collection for the motorsports fanatic

High octane Formula-1 is a high-end motorsports event with huge money involved, and of course the thrill. F1 comes with its own luxe merchandise and the limited edition F1 Collector’s Editions perfumes revealed last year at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix are a good example.

This year, the pinnacle of motor racing has announced a far more accessible collection of exclusive perfumes for the spirit of motor racing. Called the F1 Fragrances Engineered Collection, they are as intricate and detailed as the sports itself. They’ll be coming to motorsports fans in March 2021 for the next F1 season, priced at £195 (around $260).

Curated by master perfumers

The collection is mastered by perfumers Emilie Coppermann, Alexandra Carlin, Aliénor Massenet, Louise Turner, Fabrice Pellegrin and Pierre Gueros who’ve carefully crafted five unisex scents – bringing the quintessence of the sports to a motorsports fan’s closet.

Just like the fragrances, the bottles are as intricately crafted by British designer Ross Lovegrove. These designer bottles are housed inside 3D printed exoskeletons (black technopolymeric) having intricate geometric patterns that’ll get any F1 enthusiast excited. Taking of the fragrances, they all reflect the cutting-edge technology, passion for racing and the glamour of the sports.

Luxury fragrances exemplifying a sensory experience

The F1 Fragrances Engineered collection comprises ‘Precious Mettle’ – a refreshing woody scent having a hint of metallic signifying the grid formation before the lights go out. Then there is the ‘Turn 1’ fragrance that reminds one of the high-speed first corners, as the rubber burns and adds the dramatic effect of rain on salty asphalt.

‘Overtake 320’ is a passionate scent having a warm and spiced-up combination highlighted by the hot blend of cinnamon and bergamot. Fourth in the collection is ‘Neeeum White’ a fragrance representing the fearlessness of F1 drivers. It’s a blend of spices, hot black pepper, and the calming influence of juniper.

The last one ‘Carbon Reign’ is the emotion of an F1 race victory and standing on the top step of the podium. It comprises of a vibrant mix created around a champagne accord with a tinge of dry amber and woods.