Viking World Cruise planned across 28 countries for 2022

The world may be at a standstill owing to the pandemic but that is not stopping many of us from planning for future endeavors, including travel itineraries; and Los Angeles-based cruise company Viking is among those planners. Viking has recently unveiled its plans for a new World Cruise scheduled for 2022.

While Viking, like many cruise line companies, has canceled its voyages through the end of 2020, it is preparing an ultimate cruise experience to be launched soon. The World Cruise will take place over 138 days across 28 countries and 58 ports with overnight stays in 11 cities.

The World Cruise

The cruise will leave from Fort Lauderdale on Christmas Eve 2021, on Viking’s newest ocean vessel – Viking Star; which, according to Viking, joins the company’s 930-person ocean-going ships at the end of the year. Travelers aboard will be sailing through Central America, the Panama Canal, and up the West Coast.

The 138-day itinerary will include visits to 58 ports in 28 countries, which also includes night stays in popular cities like Sydney, Auckland, Mumbai, and Jo Chi Minh City. People who want to shorten their journey can choose a shorter 121-day voyage, in which the guests will join Viking Neptune in Los Angeles and cross the Pacific to Hawaii, Australia, and New Zealand before sailing to Europe, all the way through Asia. The last destination of the cruise is London.

Viking Neptune

Reportedly, the travelers on the 2022 World Cruise will be the first to sail on the Viking Neptune, which is a new addition to the cruise line’s armada. The vessel has 465 state rooms, each of which has a private veranda and free Wi-Fi. The rooms compliment the true Scandinavian style with heated floors.

The Viking Neptune also has eight restaurants and two pools – one with a retractable roof – for a luxurious journey aboard. Prices for the complete journey begins at $46,995 with double occupancy.