Barn8 at Hermitage Farm is must-dine restaurant in Kentucky

Next time you want to tour to a thoroughbred farm that houses a historic mansion, a restaurant with farm-to-table meals and some home produced bourbon to go with the food – look no further than the Hermitage Farm in Oldham County, Kentucky.

Spanning over approximately 700 acres, Hermitage Farm is a beautiful representation of the landscape and bursting charm of the county. The historic property is finely maintained to welcome the community onto the farm. Along with a 19th-century mansion you can also find a newly opened restaurant called Barn8 on the property, which is already popular as an event destination. 

The standout Barn8 Restaurant

The Barn8 Restaurant has been recently opened on the property but it has instantly become a must-dine destination in the county. The Restaurant offers guests with farm-to-table meals.

The eatery has seasonal selections created from vegetables grown on the farm or sourced locally. The farm raised products provide a delicious combination of flavors and ingredients that you would love to take home with you.

Just like every other eatery on the planet, this one has been through a complete shutdown because of the prevailing pandemic. Things have begun to normalize here and takeaway orders are being delivered from the restaurant’s fresh, seasonal menu. Also, 33 percent capacity reservations are being accepted for guests to dine in-house.

Dining in horse stalls

Barn8 Restaurant interiors are extremely special with many original barn features and historic aesthetics. To maintain a rustic and unique approach, individual dining rooms are created from historic barn’s original horse stalls.

You can’t help but notice the large Venetian chandeliers dangling from the ceiling and tables made from reclaimed wood in each individual dining room. Food is cooked in an open kitchen with Chef’s bar. To accentuate your meal, guests are provided a glass of preferred bourbon or cocktail prepared in-house.