Virgil Abloh’s Project MAYBACH off-roading coupe unveiled by Mercedes-Benz

Virgil Abloh was an icon in the fashion design world, and his unexpected demise has left an unrecoverable dent in the industry. His creations have and always will inspire budding designers for years to come, it goes without question. Thankfully one of Abloh’s fresh creations, he was working on with Mercedes-Benz, is now revealed for all of us to cherish.

This is the Project MAYBACH electric coupe designed by the late 41-year old legend himself in collaboration with Maybach and Daimler AG chief designer Gorden Wagener. The silver lining of this concept design, currently on show at the Miami’s Rubell Museum (from December 1 to December 2), is the off-roading capability which is one of its kind.

Project MAYBACHoff-roader

A true reflection of Virgil’s design sense and Gorden’s eye for details, the show car has flowing lines and beastly proportions upfront. The two-seater coupe riding on the big off-roading wheels is 20-feet long and comes with a transparent hood concealing the solar panels which provide extra stored energy along with the electric drivetrain.

The panoramic windshield extends right to the rear of the vehicle and on top, there is a big roof to carry along stuff for extended adventure trips. The off-roading theme continues on to the high beam lights on the top and bumper as well. That’s a testimony to the complete freedom Mercedes-Benz offered the two designers for this creation.

Swanky interiors in tan colored theme

The battery-powered car is built from scratch with impressive styling honed by the dual-toned paint job in tan and black color theme. On the rear, the car has a contrasting look thanks to its spaceship-like aesthetics.

On the inside, it is draped in tan right from the spartan seats to the side paneling on the doors. There are plenty of compartments to store all the goodies – perfect for a couple to enjoy the serene mountains. One can’t help but notice the center-aligned infotainment screen that folds back into the dashboard when not in use.

In a touching gesture Mercedes- Benz thanked the iconic designer for his igniting spirit and the vision to imagine a more inclusive future. We can’t help but mention the words Virgil said back in October. He explicitly mentioned during the work on Project MAYBACH that the Mercedes-Benz brand is constantly pushing the limits of creativity and inspiring the Gen-Z to join the revolution.