Where to experience cherry blossom aside from Japan

Traveling to Japan? You have maybe started planning for your next trip to The Land of the Rising Sun after seeing all those photos on your social media feed. If Japan is a favorite, you probably want to visit the country in every season. So you’ve tried winter, how about cherry blossom season?

They say the cherry blossom season starts late March to April. This means the sakura season is about to happen soon. But did you know cherry blossoms don’t exclusively bloom in Japan? Yes, you don’t have to travel far to Japan just to see those beautiful flowers. There are plenty of other places where you can experience cherry blossoms.

You can see cherry blossoms in Europe, America, and other parts of Asia. We’ve listed three top places where you can see them in full bloom.

Jinhae, South Korea

Also within Asia and still near Japan, you can visit Jinhae in South Korea and witness the same beauty of cherry blossoms. Japan can be too crowded during this season but can opt to visit South Korea instead.

The season brings out the beauty of the city that can be picture-perfect. It’s just one of the many tourist attractions to check out in South Korea but it can be one very exciting reason apart from bibimbap and well, those K-Pop idols.

Valle De Jerte, Spain

If you’re going to Europe, do a side trip to Valle De Jerte, Spain. Make the most of your travel by checking out the Sakura. The town is only a two to three-hour drive away from Madrid.

Believe it or not, there are about two million cherry trees there so imagine the beautiful scene of cherry blossoms welcoming you. The best time to visit is from the middle of March to May. There are plenty of festivals and parties during that season to celebrate the cherry blossoms. Do check them out.

Vancouver, Canada

Canada isn’t all about snow. In Vancouver, those 150,000 cherry trees bloom after the winter soon. They look perfect against the waters all around and snowcapped mountains as the backdrop.

Springtime is the best season to check out the cherry blossoms. The Sakura season in Canada is just beautiful. You may want to add Vancouver during the cherry blossom season to your bucket list.