Why you should take a social media break

Spend one day away from screen time and notice benefits to your wellbeing

It shouldn’t be shocking to hear this, but it always is – Americans spend around 6.5 hours per day on the internet. When you add it all up, that totals to more than a quarter of your time spent in front of a screen. And don’t kid yourself as it doesn’t matter whether you’re ingesting serious news stories, laughing at cute dog videos, or checking out the images of your friend’s latest trip to Fiji … it’s all the same. Reclaim some of your time by devoting at least one day a week to anything except screen time.

I am not knocking technology but spending almost seven hours a day on the internet is kind of alarming. Imagine if you’re a social media manager or an influencer, as many are out there today. In which case, you probably spend even more precious time on big social … Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and the like.

Spending time online is like an addiction

If you really want to know how much time you dedicate to the online world, update your phone for the new feature that wracks up the time you spend on your apps. I’m willing to bet that most people would rather not know – probably from a mix of shame and the fear. Also, the thought of curtailing the time you spend online can be anxiety-inducing.

The amount of time spent online is akin to an addiction. Now might be a good moment to moderate your life by giving yourself one day free from all digital devices. For example, start by taking Saturday or Sunday off. The strategy will be simple… stay off all social media – that means no browsing or scrolling. But, if you implement this practice and transgress the rule you have set for yourself, don’t stress out about it. Stay calm, put down your phone down and start over. Try again is the mantra here.

Creating new and healthy habits take practice

Like almost everything in life, weening yourself from a habit takes practice – albeit one day. Remember that you’re trying to create a sacred ritual, and that you’re not enrolled in a college class – no one is scoring or judging you for how well or poorly you do. Once in the groove of having a social media – free day, it will feel wonderful and liberating to dedicate the day to yourself: your physicality, mental health and wellbeing.

Our lives our dominated daily by technology. It’s not a crime to acknowledge that we are human beings living on earth. Technology is amazing and cool. And the connectivity of the millennial generation is a powerful tool. Many people have built their careers are built on it. That being said, boundaries need to be created and our relationship with technology consciously cultivated.

Reclaim your time and understand it’s okay to be bored

I often feel the happiest in my life is while outside in the middle of nowhere – with my phone rendered useless from a lack of cell coverage. Honestly, I love those times. Getting outdoors and into the land before time might be the best gift you ever give to yourself – fear of missing out disappears as everything else in the world falls by the wayside and becomes insignificant.

But you don’t need to trek into the middle of the mountains in order to achieve a feeling of peace and relaxation. The fact is, you have every right to experience that calm right from the comfort of your own home. This is exactly why taking one day off from the internet is helpful. Even if there’s nothing to do, re-learn how to be bored. It is 100-percent okay to have nothing to do every now and then. Use your digital-free day to rediscover hobbies and reclaim your time.