Withings Body Scan scale measures ECG, nerve activity and tells accurate body weight

Withings has unveiled bathroom scales in the past that do more than just tell you your body weight. For the CES this year, the company is revamping things with a much smarter scale called the Body Scan, and it does exactly what that name suggests.

This smart weighing scale is designed to cater to user demand for devices to provide medical and health data information. Since the pandemic has crippled the normal way of life, this information about wellness has become significant for most of us.

The feature-rich smart scale

Understanding the requirement, Withings has introduced its most technically advanced weighing scale that features high strength, tempered glass body and is packed with additional sensors to measure ECG, segmented body composition, and even tell a little bit about the user’s nerve activity.

The tech to assess nerve activity has been developed by Withings in collaboration with French brand Impeto Medical. This is useful data since poor nerve function can alert the user about a range of chronic health issues including obesity.

While in totality, the Body Scan is not much different from its predecessor, but where the former actually distinguishes itself is addition of a retractable handle embedded with four stainless steel electrodes. The handle is attached to the base platform which has 14 ITO electrodes that together with the electrodes on the handle can measure ECG and provide data about the user’s segmental body composition.

Other facets

Apart from the body fat percentage, Body Scan can measure water percentage, muscle and body parts, and visceral fat. It can also offer heath pattern readings and data about individual body parts including arms, legs, and torso. The data so collected can be checked on the 3.2-inch LCD color display on the Body Scan or the accompanying Health Mate app.

Besides the funky new features, Withings ensures the Body Scan does the basics correctly. The machine, therefore, provides weight information accurate within 0.1 pounds (50 grams). According to Withings, the Body Scan’s battery can last up to a year between charges.

The weighing scale is due for an FDA clearance, post which it should be available to purchase. It is likely to retail for about $300.