Withings Body+ Smart Scale gives complete body analysis

Keeping track of overall health is paramount, even more so in current times when physical activity is mostly limited to indoors. A normal digital scale can only give out limited data about the body’s health, only restricted to the total weight. So, how about a weighing scale that is smarter than usual?

The Withings/ Nokia Body+ Smart Scale is more than just a weight calculator and an essential accessory for the health-conscious lot. It is a Wi-Fi connected smart weighing scale that is designed to specifically target weight loss and achieve fitness goals.

Body composition scale

When it comes to fitness men are very particular and that’s where Withings Body+ Smart Scale comes into play. It tracks weight, calculates Body Mass Index, the fat levels, and water percentage in the body. It doesn’t stop there, it calculates the bone and muscle density using Position Control technology.

The scale can identify eight different users, syncing their individual data on the compatible health Mate app. It also provides important data for pregnant women and for the baby there is a separate Baby Mode. For real-time information, the Body+ scale provides all the relevant data on the digital screen.

Accurate data for achievable fitness goals     

Withings/ Nokia Body+ Smart Scale provides highly accurate data with just .2 lbs of variation. Keeping in mind that the Earth’s gravity varies depending on the location, it automatically adjusts the measurements to compensate for a variation of up to 400 grams.

The scale shows weight trends in the last few days for analysis to take the measures for achieving fitness goals. The accessory also displays local weather forecast along with the data of walked steps if you use the Withings activity tracker.

At a price tag of $100, the smart scale is worth the dosh since it provides more than you would bet on. Withings Body+ Smart Scale comes in two color options – Black or White.